January 29, 2020

New Jersey Tri website launched!

With the Accuro Jersey Triathlon moving on to bigger and better things, we felt it was about time that we reinvigorated our presence. Strategy and brand agency, The Beach, partners of the Jersey Triathlon since inception, took the reigns, evolving the brand, and redesigning and redeveloping our website, with the aim of taking it beyond operationally functional to being engaging, inspiring and immersive – a truer reflection of our growing tri community.

Embarking on this journey with The Beach has been very enlightening, helping us to better identify who we are and who we wish to be; a much deeper experience than just a refreshed website. We learned that at the heart of our brand is our brand essence – our personal connection with our audiences which creates differentiation from other triathlons. The Beach carried out this research piece, both reflecting inwards as well as carrying out a full 'competitor evaluation', and this insight provided the foundation upon which to better understand our proposition. In short, we're not just an event, and the experience is more than just the race, it's the community and everything that happens in the run up to, the race day and after the event. It's the experience and the shared celebration of all our hard work, it's the feeling of empowerment and elation from achieving the goals that each participant sets themselves, and it's the new, healthier way of life that many of us continue to practice after we cross the finish line.  

Only after all these considerations, was the visual brand evolved and the core brand asset – our website - developed. Scott Haynes, Design Director at The Beach, said:

"We wanted to capture the experience of the Jersey Triathlon with a more immersive interface, serving rich content that captured the emotion of the event, people's journeys and the strong sense of community. We wanted to make it clear how accessible the Jersey Tri was for those who have never tried it, whilst reflecting the continued commitment of athletes and serious sports enthusiasts and sharing their experiences and insights."

Andrew Thomas, Managing Director, 3D Events: "The Beach have brought their depth of expertise to the evolution of our brand and the development of our new website and social media content. They deliver work of outstanding quality and back it up with unquestionable service, essential when you are delivering high profile events such as the Jersey Tri."

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