Our BENEFITTING Charities IN 2019


We are delighted to confirm that the official charities for the 2019 event is the Oscar Maclean Foundation; Silkworth Lodge; Mind Jersey and Littlefeet Environmental! 

We encourage all competitors to help raise funds for our official charities by way of sponsorship or donations, however we do not restrict any fundraising for other charities.

To make a donation online, please click here.


We are also pleased to announce that all entrants into the race can now set-up their own online fundrasing page.

Once you have signed up and selected which charity you would like to fundraise for, each entrant will be emailed details of how to set up their own page. If you have already entered the race then we will soon email you to provide instructions on how to set up your own personal online fundrasing page.

A manual sponsorship form will be available soon! 





Mind Jersey is an independent local charity that provides support to people living with mental illness.  Our vision is of a society that promotes and protects good mental health for all, and that treats people with experience of mental illness fairly, positively and with respect.

Although affiliated with Mind in the UK, Mind Jersey retains its independence, both financially and operationally.  All money raised by Mind Jersey stays in Jersey for the benefit of Island residents.  Our affiliation ensures that we meet Mind’s quality standards of governance and service delivery, follow best practice models of involving local people in their community – people who have had experience of mental illness – and provide good quality services. This can only be a good thing, demonstrating that we are a serious organisation that works professionally, has a stable management structure and well supported and appropriately trained and skilled staff.

Silkworth Lodge

Silkworth Lodge

About Silkworth Lodge

Silkworth Lodge was opened 2002 by The Families in Recovery Trust which is a Jersey registered charity and part of The Silkworth Charity Group.

We offer residential rehabilitation for men and women who are affected by drug and alcohol addiction.

Chemical dependency is particularly prevalent in Jersey. Alcohol consumption is twice that of the UK and one of the highest in Europe. Excessive use of alcohol and drugs places families and relationships under great stress.

Nobody sets out to become an alcoholic or drug addict and it is not a problem of morals or will power. It is a very powerful and confusing illness which destroys a person from the inside and also all those surrounding them.

Silkworth Lodge has proven to be a much needed establishment that helps people to come to terms with their addiction and puts them on the road to recovery. We provide a tailor made programme of treatment which helps the client to rebuild these relationships, regain their self esteem and most of all, enables them to integrate back into society on a new footing.

Littlefeet Environmental

Littlefeet Environmental

To promote coastal and marine conservation on the Island of Jersey through weekly shoreline cleanups, educational and public seminars and collaboration with other conservation charities/organizations in Jersey. Through shoreline cleanups we are able to collect data on the state of coastal pollution, strandings, skate and ray populations through egg case collection and educate the public on the importance of coastal protection both for the benefits of our Island but also on a global scale.

Oscar Maclean Foundation

Oscar Maclean (09.03.04-26.10.13) was a Proper Hero. He lived a short but action packed life, during which he managed to write a spy novel, acquire endless party invitations, numerous sports and various other achievement awards, a great bunch of friends, love of sport and all things fun, as well as demonstrate endless bravery and dignity beyond his years in the face of great adversity.

Oscar has shown an incredible fighting spirit against his deadly enemy- a Grade III Anaplastic Astrocytoma, a malignant brain tumour that eventually stole his young life away from him. But it will never succeed in stealing his wonderful memory away from any of those who knew him. For today and with every single day to come, we will try to change this world into a slightly better place by supporting worthy community causes aimed to help young Cancer patients in Jersey and their families, in Oscar's name.

A 2015 project that we aim to deliver is the funding of a children's Community Liaison Officer, who will be based at the Hospital. The Liaison Officer will be co-ordinating vital support for children with cancer and other chronic illness and their families  - practical, financial and emotional. At present, some of these functions are fulfilled by different charities and departments, but the appointment of a single officer who will coordinate the entire support structure for a family will mean that parents will be able to focus on their child at the time when they need it most, instead of spending hours on the phone calling various charities, states departments or other service providers.

Please help us by showing your support in memory of this gorgeous little boy.


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